In keeping with our mission to promote the health and education of young people in the Cape May County community, Next Gen 30, INC offers scholarships in honor of priorities that mattered to our namesake. In the 2020 graduation season, we will offer 5 scholarships. Three scholarships will be open to college-bound high school seniors in any Cape May County high school. Students may direct their application for this, "Three Point Scholarship," to the following areas: athletic, academic, and/or service. One scholarship, "The Pay it Forward," will be awarded to a graduating female basketball player of Genny’s alma mater, Wildwood Catholic High School. One scholarship, the "Making of a Leader," will be awarded to an 8th grader graduating from Cape Trinity School. Please find further information regarding each scholarship below.

All scholarships were due to guidance counselors, completed on the forms below, or emailed to

by Wednesday, July 15th, 2020. We will announce the winners shortly. 

The Three-Point Scholarship Application


For Graduating High School Seniors of Cape May County



The Next Gen 30 Academic Scholarship honors Genny’s faith in the power of education. She never lost her hope for a cure to cancer, putting her full belief in the research of the doctors taking care of her. Students applying to this scholarship must include a recent transcript proving a GPA of 3 or higher.





The Next Gen 30 Athletic Scholarship honors Genny’s passion for basketball. From scoring her 1,000th point on her high school basketball team to choosing a college major that helped her share that passion, Genny spent much of her short life on the court or in the gym. 





The Next Gen 30 Service Scholarship honors Genny’s belief in the “Power of Community.” It was at WCHS that Genny embraced her community and became an active volunteer. After graduating from Rowan College, Genny returned to Cape May County. While working at Middle Township High School and battling cancer, Genny was an active volunteer for her friend John Lynch’s Lunch with Lynch Foundation. John and Genny coined the term “Power of Community” during her battle with cancer.






The "Pay it Forward" Scholarship Award


For a Member of the Wildwood Catholic High School Women’s Basketball Team

Genny Farnan lived her 29 years of life to the fullest. From the first time she ever dribbled a basketball as a young child to scoring 1,025 points as a member of the Wildwood Catholics girls’ basketball team by her senior year in 2005; she loved the game of basketball. Genny strived for excellence; she wanted to be the best and got the best out of her teammates. Genny lived her life with the mission of helping others, to be a leader in the community and to “Pay it Forward”. After a courageous battle with brain cancer, Genny passed away on March 31, 2016.





The “Making of a Leader” Scholarship Award

For a graduating 8th grade student of Cape Trinity School

Genny Farnan, our organization’s namesake, believed in the power of leadership. She attended Star of the Sea and Wildwood Catholic High School, where her Catholic education inspired her altruistic spirit. She was an active volunteer and worked to use her Rowan University education to help others. When faced with a brain cancer diagnosis, she bravely accepted novel treatments, hoping to at least inform future research and treatments for others. After her passing in 2016, we, her family, formed Next Gen 30, INC to benefit the health and education of young people in Cape May County in her honor.

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